Capital Club

86% love it
Members only
This distinguished Gentleman's Club is known to be the oldest local gay bar, one block from the state capitol.


    • GilB
      GilB Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Only place to drink after hours especially on Saturday nights after 2! Just be careful of self-declared owners with charges of assault and battery! Could be dangerous.

    • unfriendly A$$ H0L3S
      this is just crazy... how de fu

    • fixyourheart
      fixyourheart Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Unfounded Rude Arrogance
      While recently during the 4th of July weekend, some friends and myself were visiting Columbia for a special occasion. While deciding to check out the gay nightlife in Columbia we decided to visit The Capital Club(I had found its webpage online, and it seemed like a nice social bar to have a drink). Upon going through the door, the bartender (who happened to be the same bartender as on the webpage) came over to me and arrogantly informed us that this establishment is a PRIVATE club, and that my colleagues nor myself were welcome. I was truly taken back as to the level of rudeness and unfounded arrogance that was exhibited. Now take into consideration its a Saturday Night, Holiday Weekend, and Downtown Columbia, SC. One would think that the patrons would have been abound in this bar, but, as I looked around briefly while being shown out the door, I noticed that all FOUR gentlemen that apparently were members had ZERO attributes I would have expected from such a Private Club. Yea, they describe themselves as dignified and as a gentlemens club, however over self indulgence by the webpage makers(one assumes to be the owners) brings to light that no matter how classy, inviting, or discreet you advertise to be, not being open to visitors or potential new guests only shows just how classless, uninviting, and well..questionably SKETCHY this establishment really is. I hope the rest of Columbia doesnt play into this bias and rudeness.

    • rickyloera
      rickyloera Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Intimiate and friendly bar
      Capital Club is a "Members Only" place but they do allow visitors if you call ahead. The bar has a beautiful wooden bar with great music and TONS of theater posters signed by show members that come into town. For those who like to smoke and drink this is about the ONLY place you can still do that in Columbia.